Dreaming of having your own Güendolina store?

We love versatility! That's why we create clothes for today's woman: dynamic, fun and daring. All of our models are exclusive of our brand and are designed in Spain.
If you want to start this journey with us, we will be very happy to welcome you and together we will form a team that will grow every day, innovating and improving to make the most of your business and achieve success together.
At Güendolina we bet on exclusive models to stand out, in the fashion and trends market, for quality and innovation. We intend to improve every day so that we can provide our customers with the best services, thus providing a totally personalized attention. Therefore, our goal is to create a work team based on proximity to our customers.
About Us…
Our journey in the fashion world began in Galicia in 2009, with the commercialization of our brand in small businesses. At that time, it was just one of us that was dedicated to the textile business with the directly sale to the final consumer in physical stores.
After almost ten years of experience in the fashion industry and always looking for distinction and innovation, it was in 2017 that we decided to take another step on our journey and start producing our own pieces with exclusive designs created by us. It was from that moment that we came together and decided to found our company Trendygal, made up of us, Angela and Lucia, two young and enterprising sisters from Pontevedra, Galicia. Together we started to design our own models and manufacture them for resale, always preserving the image in our Güendolina brand.
After a while the business started to grow until today, with a portfolio of more than 900 customers with physical and online stores spread between Spain, Portugal and Italy, which commercialize our brand.
Requirements to open your own franchise.
Population: Minimum of 35,000 inhabitants
Location: Minimum area of 70m2
Merchandise and shopping
Buy the entire collection presented.
Replacement of merchandise every week.
New products introduced every month.
Payment of the goods when placing an order.
Advertising and marketing
The brand will be responsible for carrying out all the planned Marketing campaigns to boost sales and advertise the opening of your business.
Exclusive use of the brand's packaging, such as bags, envelopes, hangers and any other element printed with the brand's logo.
The look of the store and the decoration of the storefront will have to follow the guidelines that govern the brand, in order to create a similarity between all the points of sale in our chain.
We believe that odor is one of the most important factors when associating a brand, that's why we use the same air freshener in all our establishments.
 Installation and Works
Each establishment is different, so the first step that will be taken after checking that the place meets all the requirements, will be the visit to study and carry out a project that perfectly suits the establishment in a personalized way.
The works will be in charge of the franchisee, who will have to respect some basic elements of the decoration of the space, such as the type of floor or the color of the walls and ceilings, always following the project provided by us.
If, for some reason, the franchisee does not want to carry out the works on his own, we have a team of reliable construction specialists to carry out the work, adding this cost to our budget.
Once the work is finished, a team from our company will travel to your store to take care of the assembly for the inauguration, from furnishing and decorating the space to placing the goods. You will not have to worry about anything, we will give you the turnkey business with everything you need to be successful!
Our sales team will provide a training course in which you will learn all the basic rules to make your business perfect.
Unique and exclusive brand.
Maximum profitability of your business.
Rapid response capacity by the franchising company.
Stock replacement in 24 hours.
Profitable franchising in the fashion sector.
Franchisee attention and support service.
International expansion.

Design and adaptation of your location with exclusive designs of our brand that will make your business stand out.
More than 12 years of experience.
Brand advertising and marketing to maximize sales.